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World Famous Herbal Incense

Our herbal incense blends are world renowned for their strong, flavorful aromas. Easily the finest herbal smoking incense stick components and blends available, you will not be disappointed!

Herbal Smoking Blends .com is now offering incense components by Herbal Incense Rx, a new line of amazing herbal incense blends. Always compliant with current legislation and delivering powerful aromas.

Introducing Dr. Dank, Surgeon Spliff and Nurse Nancy...

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Don't let our 50 state legal incense component blends fool you, Herbal Incense Rx is amazing!


Indian Warrior Buds temporarily SOLD OUT!

check back often for the next harvest's availablility!

Shop with confidence! Our site and your information are secure. Our shipping is fast and free. Our customer service is second to none, professional and courteous.

We will do whatever it takes to be your new herbal shop, we know that you will feel completely at home after placing your first order with us.

Herbal Incense Rx is now the premier herbal incense supplier on the net. We consistently provide the best herbal blends on the market today, and as a result are ranked among the top incense suppliers worldwide. We have tried almost EVERY incense blend available and we guarantee that our herbal smoking blends are the best available.

Smoking herbs has been a part of history for thousands of years. Herbs and herbal smoke have been used to induce relaxed or euphoric states, dreaming, and even visions.

Herbal Incense, Herbal Smoking Blends, Spice, Legal Buds, Herbal blends, legal herbs, herbal smoke, and legal herbal buds are extremely popular these days. This Recent resurgence in herbal smoking products has come about for many reasons. The harmful effects of tobacco have led some to herbal smoking blends. Routine drug testing by employers has triggered interest by others who use herbal blends as a smart, legal alternative to marijuana.

Whatever your reason, you need to be informed about smoking herbs, herbal blends and herbal buds. Herbal smoke products are not fake marijuana or drugs, nor do they contain tobacco or nicotine. Marijuana is a controlled substance, and an illegal drug.

Our herbs, herbal smoke, herbal smoking blends and herbal buds are comprised of 100% legal ingredients. There are absolutely no illegal substances sold on this here. Herbal smoking blends will not cause you to test positive on a drug test.

We have various herbal incense available, finding out which is best for you is a personal cThe only way to choose your favorite herbal incense is to try the different herbal blends we have available.

Herbal Incense Rx offers the most potent range of 100% legal herbal incense, in the form of herbal buds and herbal smoking blends.

Warning: some of our incense blends are EXTREMELY POTENT.

As previously mentioned, herbs, herbal smoke, herbal buds and herbal smoking blends are natural botanicals that are 100% legal. But remember, herbs, herbal smoke, herbal buds and herbal smoking blends are alternatives to marijuana and tobacco.

If you are looking for the freshest, highest quality, most effective potent herbal smoke products on the market, Herbal Incense Rx is your new home and we welcome you with open arms. All of our herbal blends and herbal incense are of the finest quality and we will take good care of you as we do all our customers. All the herbal incense we offer have been documented and reviewed.

We use only Herbal incense that is permitted by law.

The delicious aroma of the herbal incense smoking blends from our online smoke shop will surely satisfy you in every way possible. Enjoy our herbal incenses only once and you will realize the potent, high-quality herbal blends and incense ingredients we have used.

Some legal buds and legal weed contain prohibited herbs and materials in their ingredients, which yields a product that is illegal. This is not the case with Herbal Incense Rx smoke shop. All of our products are allowed by law and free of illegal ingredients.

You have finally found the quality herbal potpourri and herbal incense smoking blends that you are looking for. Herbal Incense Rx has produced one of the best burning alternatives with their herbal smoking and potpourri blends. All of our products burn clean and smooth with a true aroma.

Our new legal buds are flying off smoke shop shelves. Herbal Incense Rx is on its way to becoming the best herbal incense provider in the market. Everyone who purchases our herbal smoking blends are raving about the potent aroma. These herbal incense blends are some of the cleanest and most aromatic on the market. Many customers have tried other herbal brands of herbal potpourri and incense, but find they do not compare to the quality of Herbal Incense Rx legal herbal products.


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Legal Herbal Incense

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Herbal Smoking Blends


The products sold on this site are for use as herbal incense components, they are strictly not for human consumption,
nor are they substitutes for illegal drugs, nor are they intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease, illness or ailment.

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